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The Feils new house is finally done
And it is the BH Team who made it fun
Thanks to Steve and Timmie for al that diggin’
And Peter from Richmond on his bulldozer riggin’
Then Mike Day and his guys got the concrete all poured
And Bruce, Mike & Kenney started framing and more
Steve was there laying the chimney bricks just fine
And Neal made sure the insulation was in line
Jonzey came along and finished the dry wall
Then it was time for Bob and Eric to get a call
Bob got the plumbing and pipes just so
With his new trailer of PVC and tools in tow
Then Brian and Ryan got the power a buzzin’
And put in lights and Gang 1’s by the dozen
While Bruce & Kenny were getting the finish work just fine
Bobby Clark made the built-in that Brad designed
While Dick was laying the tile and the bullnose
Al’s team was getting the quarter-sawn in rows
Scott made sure the appliances were in place
And Mark Guyon’s team began the amazing race
The colors were gorgeous and the painting perfection
The Marks (Curtis and Guyon) and Paul dividing up sections
Brad continued to shepherd the best crews in town
And Bruce steered the ship when Brad wasn’t around
Yes, it was quite a team effort – we thank Brad and the guys
You’re the best damn builders that money can buy!

With Love and Thanks,
~Sandy, Mike and Siggy

Thank you very much for the work B.H. Builders, Inc. did on the project at our camp in Manchester. Your outfit did a great job and you were a pleasure to work with.

We greatly appreciated your expertise when evaluating how to fix an older structure, yet maintain its charm. We especially appreciated your responsiveness as the project progressed, and we would recommend B.H. Builders, Inc. to anyone looking for a builder in the Augusta area.
~Paul and Patsy Catsos

I just wanted to communicate with you on paper how much I appreciate the expertise and care you and your crew took working on the house. I am very pleased with how both projects turned out. It is so nice walking through the dining room and not have your steps resonate in the glassware! Take care and thanks for all,
~Richard W. Bothfeld

Dear Brad – Again many thanks for bringing our camp back to its original beauty. You are a perfectionist and we profit from that.
~Maryann Wachtel

Dear Brad, It is with great pleasure that we are sending this letter of thanks and endorsement for the exceptional renovation project recently completed by B.H. Builders on our Maine home. We are thrilled with the results.

From the very beginning of the project, we were impressed by your professionalism, intuition and commitment to quality work and client service. You and your team consistently exhibited the highest levels of skilled workmanship and attention to detail. The pride you have in your work is always evident and we feel fortunate to have chosen such an outstanding builder.

Throughout the project you respectfully offered many great suggestions and alternatives to enhance the project. You are knowledgeable and resourceful and often provided us with excellent industry product and contact information. At the same time, you remained mindful of the budget. Your integrity is without question.

Thank you for accommodating our travel and work schedules and any changes or additions we made to the project. We appreciated your quick and timely response to any of our questions or requests. In fact, on several occasions, you went “above and beyond,” always in the name of providing your client with hassle-free service.

We love the house and the final outcome far exceeded our expectations. You and your crew truly are ‘builders of exceptional homes’! We will gladly serve as a reference for any of your prospective clients.

Again, thank you, and best wishes to you and your family.
~Mark and Lorraine Bender

Thank you…you are a master builder! Anytime you need a recommendation, let us know.
~Dody Urquia

In response to the request, who built your commercial buildings?

We hired B.H. Builders for all the new buildings. I cannot say enough good things about them, they have been absolutely wonderful. The building that you saw was the first one they built for us. We have continued to work with them for three more buildings.
~Corie Beth Fortier, Uplift, Inc.

Thank you, Brad! We are very, very pleased with our new kitchen!
~Mark Johnson

Dear Brad,

Thanks so much for sending Chris down to make the siding repair. It’s always a pleasure working with you and your team. Nice to know that after 4 years, you’re there to help us out. Thanks Again,
~Sandy and Mike Feil

Brad, Thank you for your usual great response and service.
~Lorraine and Mark Bender

Brad, Thank you so much for all you have done to make our plans for a new addition to our home become a reality. You have been so patient with us along the way and we have really enjoyed working with you as well as all of your crew. We appreciate all of your attention to detail as well as the opportunity to help out as we could with the construction. We love our new space and the open kitchen plan. We look forward to using our new fireplace this fall and winter. Thank you again for all you do!
~Erin and Matt Cony

Hi Brad,

Again, I can’t thank you enough for all the thought, energy and expertise you put into replacing that garage door. The fit and finish of the project is fantastic and the functionality is going to be enjoyed every day. It is so nice entering the house with only ten steps after parking the car – especially with the monsoon weather we have been having. I’m sure the appreciation is going to be exponentially increased this winter.
~Richard W. Bothfeld

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Brad Hendrickson and his company, B.H. Builders, Inc. for construction and renovation work. I have had the pleasure of knowing Brad for over ten years as a customer of the Bank, as a general contractor for Bank customer projects and as a vender for the Bank. During this time I have found him to produce high quality work, be dependable, and true to his word. I highly recommend him for work at your organization.

The Bank cares deeply about the looks of its facilities and Brad’s exceptional construction work set the foundation for the overall success of our new Gardiner branch. It is because of Brad’s exceptional integrity that I can simply call him and ask him to take care of something and have the confidence to know that it will be done. His integrity and honestly are what I look for both in employees and in our vendors.

Without hesitation, I can say that Brad is a man of his word. He can always be counted on to do what he says he will do. Through the Bank, I asked Brad to work on a number of projects at our new Gardiner branch. The overall project changed several times as we moved through a tight time table. Brad put forth 100% effort on every task of the project to get it done right and on time. Brad is a model for others to follow.

Because of Brad’s high quality work, his high degree of dependability, and his integrity, I highly recommend Brad for your construction and renovation work. If you need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.
Andrew E. Silsby
Executive Vice President & Treasurer
Kennebec Savings Bank